Hong Kong Hearts Vaccination Centre

Hong Kong Hearts Vaccination Centre currently provides several vaccination schemes, which include vaccination packages, vaccination programmes, vaccination schedule, adult vaccination services, childhood vaccination programmes and allergy tests.

Our Vaccination Services

Hong Kong Heart Vaccination Centre provides outreach vaccination service. Our service clients include elderly centers, corporate organizations, insurance companies, community centers, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, etc. For further details, pleaseContact Us.

Safety First

We truly understand parents are weary of the quality and safety of medical services and looking for the best medical experience for their loved one. On this ground, LuxMed is honored to give you a hand supporting your children’s health upon the best use of our vaccine.

We enhance the effectiveness of 3 major clinical issues below:

Failed Vaccine

  • Expired vaccine
  • Failure of vaccine cold chain

Prescription Defect

  • Inappropriate vaccination timing
  • Incorrect vaccination procedures
  • Manual verification error

Unsafe Vaccine

  • Nonapproved vaccine by accredited bodies

LuxMed place a strong emphasis on assurance systems that meet the industrial standards for medicine and vaccines. We adopt stringent and proper handling and use of medicine and vaccine diluents policies according to the guideline and instruction from international medical council.

We maintain a strict set of policies on vaccine storage and warehousing management with up-to-standard cold chain and surveillance of vaccine delivery/commuting.

Our advanced assurance inventory management system enables us to track our vaccines attached with tag-chips by RFID. With our tag-chip assigned to each vaccine, we can record the information of the vaccine to be applied on your children including its identity, manufacturer, dates of manufacture and expiry and the medical purpose of the vaccine. You may login to your personal medical account to check the record.

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