Rotarix & Rotateq Vaccine

If infants or young children get infected with rotavirus, severe gastroenteritis will occur and will lead to vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Therefore, it is recommended that infants should get vaccinated to prevent rotavirus. Currently, the two types of rotavirus vaccines available are Rotarix (2-dose series) and Rotateq (3-dose series):

Rotarix (2-dose series)

  • Covers the most common human rotavirus serotype G1P[8]
  • Immunization schedule:
    • First dose: 2 months(or 6 weeks after birth)
    • Second dose: 4 months(or 4 weeks after first dose)
    • Must be completed in 24 weeks after birth

Rotateq (3-dose series)

  • Covers the five common human rotavirus serotype G1、G2、G3、G4及P1A[8]
  • Immunization schedule:
    • First dose: 2 months (or 6-12 weeks after birth)
    • Second dose: 4 months (or 10-22 weeks after birth)
    • Third dose: 6 months (or 14-32 weeks after birth)
    • Must be completed in 32 weeks after birth

After oral administration, some infants may experience side effects such as mild fever, vomiting or diarrhea muscle pains, but these discomfort symptoms will not persist for long.

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